Saturday, May 04, 2013

5 Must haves!

What are the five things, in your opinion, that every woman must have in her closet? For me... 1. my comfy jeans - you know the ones that are a big baggy, loose in the waist, well worn and soft. Not that I'd necessarily wear them to work, or even out of the house, but they are my feel good jeans. 2. my big sloppy hoody that I can pull over whatever I'm wearing for the walk to work, going out to feed the dogs, or going to check the mail. It's so warm, no coat needed. 3. My nice dress that is pushed to the back of the closet because I don't wear dresses. But it's there - just in case. 4. My housecoat. Robe or housecoat.. you make the choice in what to call yours. Mine is white, extra fluffy and soft. 5. My slip on tennis shoes. The "the ground is too cold to be barefoot, but I need to go outside" shoes. You know, the ones that look like you've had them 15 years or more. Turns out, four out of five of my must haves are comfy clothes! How about you. What are your must haves?


dliz said...

Ditto on the comfy jeans. Second is a conservative dress for "serious" occasions. Third is my grandfather's over-sized sweater. Its my "why is it always so cold in this house" go-to. Fourth, a comfy black tank that goes with and under everything. Fifth, a large, button-up man's shirt for those days when I'm feeling fat.

DOTS said...

All "comfy clothes" too.. :)

Trula Haynie said...

1. My New York Jeans because they make my butt look good.
2. My Alabama T-Shirts, all of them as many as I can get.. I love them all and are a MUST!
3. My Alabama hoodie is another must. It comfy, roomy and tattered, but its mine
4. My Alabama bootie type houseshoes. They are so good to my feet in the winter.
5. My little Black Dress that switch hits for funeral/ weddings.

DOTS said...

Awesome list.. I had one (yes only one) bama sweatshirt, don't know what happened to it.