Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fabolous Finds

I love thrift store shopping. Yard sales, charity sales, thrift stores, resale shops - ahhhh, I'm right at home! My mom called it "junking"... and off we'd go on a Saturday morning, hitting sales in people's front yards, church basements, VFW post halls, fields at the fairgrounds, parking lots. It didn't matter where, just so long as someone had their "I don't want this anymore" items out for us to browse through. Yet, in all those years of digging through other peoples discards.. I've never found that one "OMG" item like you see on Antique Roadshow. You know the ones. "I bought it for a dollar because I liked the frame, imagine my surprise when I saw Rembrandt's signature on the bottom". Yea. Where are those sales??? About a year ago, I hit a yard sale that was closing up because it was starting to drizzle. Spotted an old Brownie camera (which my sister collects) and asked how much. Imagine me smiling on the inside when the lady said "three dollars sound ok?" Um, yes. Brownie Camera, with flash. Yes $3.00 sound okay. It sounded like "wrap it up, I'm taking it!" So she got a $3.00 Brownie camera with flash for Christmas and was tickled. I was tickled. I hope the lady with the $3 was tickled. But that leads me to today's question - What the best deal you've ever found?

Saturday, May 04, 2013

5 Must haves!

What are the five things, in your opinion, that every woman must have in her closet? For me... 1. my comfy jeans - you know the ones that are a big baggy, loose in the waist, well worn and soft. Not that I'd necessarily wear them to work, or even out of the house, but they are my feel good jeans. 2. my big sloppy hoody that I can pull over whatever I'm wearing for the walk to work, going out to feed the dogs, or going to check the mail. It's so warm, no coat needed. 3. My nice dress that is pushed to the back of the closet because I don't wear dresses. But it's there - just in case. 4. My housecoat. Robe or housecoat.. you make the choice in what to call yours. Mine is white, extra fluffy and soft. 5. My slip on tennis shoes. The "the ground is too cold to be barefoot, but I need to go outside" shoes. You know, the ones that look like you've had them 15 years or more. Turns out, four out of five of my must haves are comfy clothes! How about you. What are your must haves?